Mission Critical Power

The Great Meadows Design Group is well versed and experienced in developing engineered designs that provide solutions to meet the special mission critical needs of a wide range of clients and industries. These solutions range from backup electrical generation through complete independent high voltage electrical services with automated switching capabilities.

Frequently, custom electrical switchgear or specialized solutions are required to meet the needs of the mission critical power system. Working closely with our client, manufacturers, and local authorities, The GMD Group provides the engineering experience and guidance to develop and execute these solutions.

Financial and Investment

Project: Banks and Financial Institutions
Location: Multiple locations in NJ
Client: Multiple

The Great Meadows Design Group has provided engineering design for more that 85 bank facilities supporting 7 separate regional and national commercial banking institutions. In addition to bank facilities, The GMD Group has provided engineering services for financial and investment institutions such as Charles Schwab Inc., and several others.
The range of project scope for the banking industry spans from retrofit of existing facilities to the construction of new branch offices.

Projects include renovation of headquarters office facilities; in the ever competitive and changing business of commercial banking often support facilities must be upgraded to accommodate the new needs of these organizations.

 Financial and investment institutions for the last several years have undergone a transformation and consolidation in an effort to remain competitive. As part of that effort, the needs of changing internal organizations have required alterations to their offices to accommodate the change in business need. Along with office changes, a dramatic change in data center requirements and operations has accompanied the transformation of these institutions. The Great Meadows Design Group has been an integral part of assisting our clients organizations in their transformation.


Project: Medical

Location: Multiple

Client: Multiple

Whether outpatient medical services, long-term in-patient treatment facilities, or traditional hospital facilities, The GMD Group has provided engineering support for each of these facility types. In todays ever changing medical services environment, medical organizations must be poised to provide the patient with a variety of delivery options for their medical services.

The GMD Group has provided engineering solutions to address kidney dialysis, data centers, diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, and a variety of laboratory & pharmacy facility environments.

Data Centers

Project: Data Center

Location: Multiple

Client: Multiple

Data Centers represent the core of a wide variety of companies and organizations. The GMD Group is experienced in working with clients in the engineering of their data centers to meet their business needs.

From evaluations, engineering & design, and ultimately construction, The GMD Group provides a holistic and complete data center solution tailored to meet your organizations needs.


Project: Chapel

Location: North West New Jersey

Building Size: 3,600 sq ft

Chapel construction was completed In 2007. The Chapel was built as a non-denominational place of worship for a long-term, private, in-patient care facility.

The Great Meadows Design Group has provided various levels of engineering support for several denominational and non-denominational worship facilities.